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Spending time outdoors in the sun? Catching up on the American Idol that you missed the last two weeks? Getting some exercise? Don't worry, we weren't! Here's the news that is news.

- Rick Reilly and Andy Katz chimed in on Jimmer Fredette today. It seems at least couple people managed to enjoy Jimmer for what he was without trying to spin superlatives about him. 

We see you Jon, and we're laughing
- Joel and I's discussion of Fredette also led to the defense question. Defense in basketball can be hard to quantify. Steals and blocks seem like a good place to start but can really damage the numbers of a player who is a lockdown off the ball defender, or a player who doesn't gamble on defense. Currently the Roland Avg seems the best way of solving that problem. The first two Xavier players that appear may surprise you.

- Jimmer isn't all that is happening in basketball. Last night OSU and Thad Matta went on their merry way and Jared Sullinger vowed to play another year in Columbus. Emotional decisions don't tend to be the best ones, so we'll see how long this lasts. Rob Dauster points out that lucidity after a loss is a lot to expect from an 18 year old.

- Thad Matta should be taken to task for not using a timeout last night. His assertion that the heave near the buzzer was "a good look" was absurd. OSU had two timeouts and plenty of time left. Not using either of those effectively is inexcusable.

- Doug Gottlieb alone might make getting through the ESPN pay wall worth it. His breakdown of Kemba Walker off the ball and Duke's collapse are both excellent.

- I don't like Butler, but Brad Stevens is a tremendous coach. His players clearly respond to him and he refuses to get sucked into the constant official haranguing that most of his peers engage in. His humility paid off earlier this year when he need some help.