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It's almost time for the best Thursday of the year, so the Shootarounds are coming thick and fast. 

- Looking to visit our fair city? (Yes, the Examiner is semi-Cleveland based). The forecast is unseasonably warm for this time of year and most of the snow has melted. Melt Bar and Grill in the suburb of Lakewood is close to downtown and one of the best restaurants in the city. Edgewater State Park is a nice place for a run and offers a great view of downtown.

- If you have lots of time and lots of ink, the Xavier postseason media guide is worth both. It's a lot to take in but is absolutely crammed with information. Be forewarned, it's 64 pages long.

Downtown Cleveland at night
- ESPN Insider has a very cool tool to help filling out brackets. It basically analyzes trends, stats, and a bunch of other factors to simulate the games. If you are an Insider, and I recommend it, check it out. For the record, it has Xavier as a 59%-41% favorite to beat Marquette.

- Over at ESPN, and on this side of the pay wall for once, Dana O'Neill continues to perpetuate the myth that Cleveland is something of a home court for X but also calls Tu Holloway "every bit as transcendent as [Steph] Curry."

- East Bracket breakdowns abound. CBS Sports is unsure what to think of the Musketeers, ESPN thinks the Marquette game will be "more like a street fight," Sports Illustrated tabs Xavier-Marquette as the juiciest matchup of the first round, and USA Today cites the fictional home state advantage and the lack of depth on the Musketeers.

-  The full television schedule for the tournament will be updated as it goes and allow you to plan when the best time to head out to replenish the wing supply is. The very last game on Thursday (Utah St v. Kansas St.) looks to be one worth staying up late.