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Things are getting into full March Madness swing around the internet, and we're all over it. You know, on our lunch breaks.

Indiana State is in already
- First off, congratulations to Tu Holloway (A10 Player of the Year), Chris Mack (A10 Coach of the Year), Mark Lyons (A10 Third Team), Jamel McLean (A10 Third Team), and Kenny Frease (A10 Honorable Mention).

- Basketball Prospectus is on top of breaking down the odds on the A10 and a couple other conference tournaments.

- Road games make up half the schedule but seem to make up 75% of the seeding/bubble argument. If you've ever wondered if that makes any sense (it doesn't) Ken Pomeroy does an excellent job of disproving the road myth.

- SBNation has a new bracket projection out with Xavier as a five seed. According to SBN, Richmond (11) and Temple (7) also get into the bracket without having to venture to the play-in rounds.

- Joe Lunardi over at ESPN also has Xavier on the historically jinxed five seed line. Lunardi also shows Richmond (11) and Temple (7) in and avoiding the play-in games. 

Tonight Joel will begin our look at the A10 tournament with his breakdown of the campus site games.