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Selection Sunday: Twitter Recap

Does your chosen house of worship frown on Twitter use during the service? Or were you just too busy shopping for a gas mask to watch the selection show? Not us! Here's the best the Twitterverse had to offer as Xavier waited to see where, who, and when they would play.

Just missing people and something to talk about.
Brad Redford, Jeff Robinson, and Dante Jackson all tweeted their readiness for the selection show, while Brian Hicks announced that the "media room has been set for tonight's 7:45 pm press conference to discuss Xavier's NCAA opponent." One of the benefits of being well off the bubble is the luxury of being able to set it all up beforehand. Mario Mercurio's final prediction was X as a six facing Villanova, Clint Spaeth had X as a six playing Michigan State, and MuskieBlog agreed. Jordan Latham said, "we got to be a 5-7 seed anything thing lower can fly," and Jamel McLean hoped his "best friend @, watch the selection show, so she know where to get her plane ticket to come watch me play!"

As the show was getting ready to start, Mario Mercurio pronounced that the wait gets harder and harder every year. That's bad news for Jay Canty, who as a freshman is still sending tweets like "I'm really excited to be able to experience my first NCAA tournament." I'm sure he'll be experiencing gut-churning tension by the time he's Mario's age. When the seeding was announced, everybody and his mum tweeted it. Clint Spaeth was clearly the most excited, going thirteen exclamation marks deep with "6 seed in Cleveland!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!" Someone had forgotten to inform CBS's NBA analysts on the way things work in the NCAA, and the ensuing hurricane of tweets was summed up by Rick Broering with "Haha Kenny Smith starts twitter meltdown by by dropping "Tu Holliday" and "EggsZavier" blasts."

From there, Muskieblog was the first of probably a million people to point out that X could face two Big East teams in two games, and Shannon Russell added historical context with "Xavier played Marquette last season in the Old Spice Classic. Marquette won 71-61. ." She also noted the A-10's success in getting 7 seeded Temple and 12 seeded Richmond to the dance. Djluke336boyz tweeted Jay Canty to let him know that he had to go hard. I'm guessing Coach Mack may also have informed the team of such.

Speaking of Coach Mack, he stopped by his computer (presumably on the way to Brian Hick's press conference) to fire off "Hey @, Xavier is pronounced like you say the word Xylophone, the X is silent. Got to educate the NBA guys!!" Sick burn, Coach. Kenny may not have been able to pronounce the school's name, but Clint Spaeth pointed out that he does seem to love X's chances. Coach Mack swung back by to apologize (but not to Kenny Smith) with "My bad people. I say the X is silent, people say it makes a sound like a Z. Either way its not Eggsavier." Since we had tweeted him that just moments earlier, we assume he sits at our site pounding F5. Such may not in fact be the case.

From there, we assume everyone scurried to the printer to pull their brackets and start filling them out. In the meantime, keep the tweets coming, and we'll keep posting them.