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Xavier v. LaSalle: Twitter Recap

Here at the Examiner we left our press pass in our other jeans, so we like to use some alternative ways of getting "insider" access to the minds of the Xavier basketball family. One of the most fun ways is to follow the team, staff, and fans before, during, and after the game via Twitter. The tweets range from pertinent to frivolous and cover most points in between. We usually enjoy putting this recaps together, and we hope you enjoy reading them.

XU Director of Basketball Administration Mario Mercurio sent out the pretty self-explanatory "@ 0 it is! @ 1. @ 5. Uniform orders have to go in tomorrow," proving that there is no end of behind the scenes work that goes in to making X what it is. Jordan Latham was not really in the mood, posting "not really in the mood. But [redacted] it lets get this win Xu." Recruit Dezmine Wells mentioned that he was "bout to enter a world unlike anything I've seen before.." Dante threw out the brief but pointed "Homekill.." and we were ready to roll.

Game time:
Shannon Russell was in early on Robinson's start, stating "Bit of a lineup change tonight for XU. Holloway, Jackson, Robinson, McLean and Frease are starting. " and "Jeff Robinson hasn't started since Game 8 against Butler." She was also blinded by Earl Pettis' yellow shoes.

Rick Broering pointed out that Cheek had "one of the sickest layups of the year on a fast break. Xavier leads 27-6 w/11:57 left in the first half." Ballin is a Habit's Rob Dauster was surprised to hear that X was up 30 "What? 36-6? Wow. RT @: Score alert: Xavier 36, La Salle 6. Yes, 6," and more surprised to learn the details: "IT WAS 10 MINUTES INTO THE GAME!!!" XU's Brian Hicks summed up the thoughts ot a lot of people with "Wow! Best dunk ever! Way to go @Big_Rob21"

From there forward, the Tu watch was on. First he "broke the XU single-season record with his 210th made free throw" (Shannon Russell), then whispers of a triple-double started up: "12-3-8 at the half? @ better start grabbing some boards" (Xavier Examiner). A couple of quick boards prompted Rick Broering to report that "Tu has 12 points, 11 assists and 5 rebounds with 17:09 left... #justsayin" Shannon Russell let us know that "Fans just booed Kenny Frease for getting a rebound and not giving the grab to Holloway. WOW."

Shannon Russell "One more rebound for Holloway = second straight triple-double. Xu up 79-40, 9:15 left," Jeff Goodman "Xavier's Tu Holloway just a couple rebounds away from his third triple-double of the season. No one else has more than one," and Rick Broering "Tu Watch: 12 points, 15 assists and 9 rebounds... Xavier leads 85-49 with 6:00 left in the game" were all monitoring the situation, and Ms. Russell reported that fans were clamoring for Tu's re-entry into the already decided game around the five minute mark. Eventually Rick Broering reported an end to the madness with "Holloway back to the bench with 2:36 left and it looks like he will not record the triple double, much to the dismay of the student section."

Post game:
Rick Broering was first in the autopsy with "Xavier defeats LaSalle 100-62. A great response after the underwhelming Fordham game over the weekend." Dezmine Wells' friends noticed, and he was kind enough to RT " RT @ Xavier got it done 100-60 WOW and @ ain't even there yet wait til next year #HAAAMM" ESPN's Jay Bilas was the last to notice that the same thing that happens every February was going down again, tweeting "Xavier starting to really shine. It was a struggle early, but that is a program of winners. XU will be tough in the NCAA Tournament."

 Rob Dauster was back with "Tu Holloway finished one rebound short of a second straight triple double in a blowout win over La Salle. 12 pts, 15 asts, 9 rbs." That guy needs to be on the Cousy Committee. Rick Broering reported Tu's success on the night and mentioned Jeff Robinson's 22 points. He somehow left off Jeff's rebound. Robinson himself indulged in a little self-adulation by describing his dunk as "BODY IN THE TRUNK AND LOCKED IT!!!" It's about time I admit that I no longer have a clue what young people mean when they speak.

Recruiter extraordinaire Pat Kelsey and Tom Eiser both mentioned that Robinson's dunk made the Top 10 on Sportscenter. Dante Jackson was somewhat less impressed, posting "Was @ dunk that good?? I just saw it on sports nation it was a gym gem and also number 6 on top plays... Geees"
That's all the news that's suitable to report from Twitter last night. Keep them coming, and we'll keep posting them.