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Xavier v. Fordham: Twitter Recap


Dante was the most active X player before the game, reminding us once again that you "Can't get tired of the process!!!!!!" He also let us know that "I feel like we haven't played at home in awhile.. Plus my guy @ is in the building... Showtime!!!! Championship game 3." If the Muskies has played as exuberantly as Dante tweeted, maybe Coach Mack would have had better things to say after the game. Tu cut time out of his day to report "My mom is going to be watching me live.. 1st time since the Virgin Islands and she haven't been to the Cintas Center since I was a frosh." She picked as good a day as any to attend.

Game time:
Rick later cleared it up by linking to this shot.
Musketeerscoop's Rick Broering noted the sartorial development of the squad: "Xavier is leading the new shorter shooting sleeve movement... Tu, Dante and JRob all rocking one tonight.. He also said "Jordan Crawford looks a little down over there... Of course sitting next to Jim Day might do that to you." I don't know who Jim Day is, but BURN!

Craw was in early on Holloway's history-making night, stating "Trip dub on the way for Tu" before halftime. Shannon Russell's "Tu Holloway has 13 points, eight rebounds and six assists - in the first half. XU up 39-30 at halftime. #xavier" included the statistical detail one would anticipate from a professional journalist. Brian Hicks, meanwhile was impressed by the fact that "John Casey & the Frisbee Dogs always put on a great halftime show!

Ryan Suckow shared that "the chemistry between Tu and Cheeks is unreal. Those guys always know where one another are," while Rick Broering swung back by to ask "...should Xavier just change the commercial to "The Power of Tu" .... I'm just askin. He nails a big 3." Fordham stuck around thanks to what ImC_Weez described as the "shooting Mofos on they squad." ImC_Weez also provided us with the take-home message of the night: "They need to do a re-vote on that COUSY AWARD List!!! The Lil Homie @ is Flat Out COLD."

Post game:
Rick Broering clears up the Jim Day mystery with this tweet: "HAHAHAHAHAHA I don't know if I've ever seen a better Jim Day picture - ." Everyone and his mum reported Tu's triple-double, Jeff Robinson was looking for someone to make him something to eat, and X recruit Dezmine Wells sent a shoutout to his new followers.

Keep the tweets coming; we'll keep compiling them.