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Twitter Recap: Xavier v. Dayton

Ballers gotta eat too.
Were you too busy going to church or working to get on Twitter yesterday? Did you spend a day off with the family? Don't worry, we didn't! Here's the day that was in Twitter.

The night before the game, the lads headed to Benihana for some carbing up. Mark Lyons said he left "on a mission." While Dante Jackson went to review some game film and eat some Watermelon Juicy Twists. (Evidently it takes a lot to feed Dante). Jordan Crawford tweeted his support but was bummed to miss Heat-Knicks, he thought it would be ok though, as NBA games are back on at 3am. 

The morning of the game it was Jay Canty opening things with "thanking the man above for another day." Jordan Crawford exchanged tweets with Justin Martin to find out that "me and Trav in there." Martin and Travis were indeed in evidence behind the XU bench all game. Shannon Russell warned us all of a "red and white out" but Rick Broering was of the opinion that Tu Holloway was "loving the Dayton student section already." It shouldn't be noted that, by the end of the day they did not love him but, Anchorman style, they did respect him.

When Tu Holloway snapped Juwan Staten off Brian Snow said "Juwan Staten is my absolute BOY, but I think Tu Holloway broke both his ankles on one play." Rick Broering pointed out that X was winning the intensity battle early and Shannon Russell noted that we were also dominating on the boards. 

As the game got late, Tu Holloway finally started getting some national publicity. Doug Gottlieb started by stating the obvious, "Tu Holloway is real kids, turn on" Lance McAllister from 700WLW began referring to him as "Mariano Rivera" and suggested that during Xavier home games Enter Sandman be played when Holloway had the ball late in games. The Real Clint Spaeth echoed the sentiments of all Musketeer fans with "In Tu I trust."

After the game it was Jordan Crawford reminding us that those boys from Xavier are "gangstas." Joe Lunardit said the loss will end the ridiculous bubble talk surrounding Dayton. (Was there really bubble talk around them? That is absurd). Stew Mandel said it was "just another 26 point showing and dagger 3 pointer" for Tu. Dante was, of course, elated about the "Roadkill" and even A-Tay got in on the act by saying the drive down 75 never felt so good. Chris Mack, never one to pass up an opportunity, said that the HD just doesn't show his blonde hair well and sniped Jeff Goldman of FOX with "You still work? Congrats..." Mario Mercurio put the capper on the night with a photo of another XU celebration on a UD court.

Where did all the fans go?