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-Brad Redford is shooting again. We take for granted that, come next year, he'll be back to stretching defenses and punishing those who give him an inch of space. It's nice to see early signs that such wishes will come true.

-In his weekly chat, Joe Lunardi reports that X is going to have a tough time moving up in seeding this late in the year, Duquesne has no hope of landing an at-large bid, and Richmond's resume still doesn't match up to X or Temple.

-Mario Mercurio passes along Rush the Court's observations about Tu's XM interview. Tu was apparently unimpressed by the Duquesne players who were "talking like they'd won championships" before the game. Tu asserts that "they know it's our conference." If they didn't, they probably do now. More here from Shannon Russell.

-Dante Jackson is 13-29 (.448) from behind the arc since we posted "Dante Jackson and the Three-point Arc" here on the Examiner. We assume Dante reads us, but his uptick in production is probably just a coincidence.

-With his 40 minutes yesterday, Tu is back up to third in percentage of team's minutes played. He's got a good chance at taking down Robo Kreps, but only injury or foul trouble could bring Khalid Mutakabbir back within reach. I didn't make up either of those names.

-X is ranked 24th in the AP poll, for what that's worth. It's not worth a lot, truthfully.