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- Andy Katz also had a few thoughts on the Tu Holloway snub. Katz too had a look at the numbers and realized something didn't add up. As per the norm, the comments section on ESPN is a wasteland.

- On his Insider page, Joe Lunardi now has Xavier as one of this teams with a better than 75% chance of making the tournament. The Georgia win will just keep getting better thanks to the strength of the SEC. The Musketeers are 21st in InsideRPI and projected as a #9 seed in Tulsa right now.

- Your odds of seeing Xavier in the tournament this year also improved in another way today. NCAA announced that it would be staggering start times and airing games on three additional channels  (TBS, TNT, truTV) in order to allow all first weekend games to be seen in their entirety. If you haven't already asked for those days off, do so now.

- Brad Redford is still as entertaining as ever over at Redford's Rundown. Of particular interest are his interviews with current coach Chris Mack and former coach Pete Gillen.

- Xavier's recent surge has been due in large part to the improved shooting of their guards. Dante Jackson is still floundering at 32% from the field, but that number actually shows a marked improvement. Tu Holloway and Mark Lyons are both solidly over 40% from the field now for the first time all year. X is shooting 45% from the floor now, good for 97th in the nation.