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It's Never Too Early...

As the Charlotte 49ers are not really worth a mention (193rd on collegerpi, 190th on ESPN Inside RPI) we'll have a look at how Xavier stacks up right now. For starters, the RPI numbers are currently skyrocketing. X is 18th on collegerpi and 20th on ESPN. Against the RPI top 100, the Musketeers are 7-4. In their last 12, they are 9-3. Ken Pomeroy shows Xavier with only one negative number in every component he measures. As always at this time of year, the Muskies are on a tear.

Bracket expert Joe Lunardi currently shows Xavier as a 10 seed, facing Arizona in the first round. If you are reading on this site, I don't need to tell you why this is significant. Surprisingly, it's offense carrying XU right now. Both Lunardi (5.7 OFFQ) and Pomeroy (113.7 Adj. Efficiency) show Xavier as being well above average on the offensive end and right around average on the defensive end.

Charlotte won't factor into much unless the Musketeers let them. A win here merely maintains the status quo, a loss won't look good with Selection Sunday barely six weeks away.