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It's Never Too Early...

A week ago Dayton loomed large as a potential RPI building win for the Musketeers. Two complete hidings and a Dayton loss to UMass later and this came has changed a bit. UD is currently 53rd in the RPI and sporting a SOS of 94. Xavier's numbers of 44 and 24 respectively show that a win here won't be much of a resume boost. Top 50 RPI wins are huge come March, and Dayton is right on the cusp of potentially being one. 

In conference this game gives X a chance to go to the top for the first time all year. Temple is already leading the conference at 3-0 (tied with a mildly surprising George Washington) and Xavier would keep pace with them with a win today. In the extremely unlikely event that Temple loses to Duquesne, Xavier would go top with a win. After the debacle of nine days ago, that sounds pretty impressive.