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A Note of Introduction

We are a pair of brothers who have been supporting X since a move to SW Ohio in the early 1980s forced our dad to make the choice between Xavier and Cincinnati. He chose Pete Gillen over Bob Huggins, and we followed suit. Almost two decades on, it has become clear dear ol' Dad's decision making was in peak form when he settled on the Muskies over the Bearcats.

Our dad coached and officiated basketball all through our formative years, steeping us in knowledge of and passion for the game. We were high school basketball teammates, and Brad went on to a semi-illustrious college basketball career. Having put the glory days of active participation behind us, we have both traded the uniform and the floor for shirt and tie and the bench, hopefully instilling a love of the game into another generation of young Americans.

As we have grown on, we've both moved north on 71 and away from the Muskies home turf (and each other). Despite - and sometimes because of - this, we have continued to be fervent fans of the boys in blue. TFG - our former site - gave us a great way to communicate with each other about the games but extremely limited exposure. We have moved here for the new year in an attempt to remedy that problem.

Xavier has a massive and passionate fan base - one need only tune in to a game or visit Cintas to see the truth of that statement. We're hoping to tap into those numbers and create an online community right here where we can follow the joys and sorrows of the best mid-major program in the land. In return, we hope to provide a unique angle of analysis that taps into our backgrounds in following X and coaching and playing basketball. If nothing else, this gives us another place to take turns patting each other on the back in regards to our brilliance.