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A Coaching Win

Xavier’s coaching staff had their best game of the season, and the players rewarded them with a win.

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Xavier Grabs 75-61 Road Win Over Providence: Recap

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Xavier v. Providence: preview, matchups, keys to the game

Xavier needs wins in the worst way to avoid having to take 4 in 4 at MSG. Providence is in the same situation. Both teams are desperate for a win here.

Xavier needs a bye in the Big East tournament; here’s how they can get it

While there’s still a straw to be grasped at, we’ll be here, grasping our little hearts out.

Xavier wins, world seems better

Finally, the Musketeers and their fans wake up on the winning side.

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Xavier Snaps Losing Streak, Downing Creighton 64-61 in OT: Recap

The Latest

History shows Travis Steele is in a uniquely difficult position

The last Musketeer coaching transition had a buffer of incoming talent to make up for the recruiting gap; without it, Steele has to to hit home runs on the trail immediately.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Xavier Men's Basketball Recruiting News

Playing the blame game

It’s not been the season that Xavier fans were wanting, and fingers are pointing everywhere.

Sunday Conversation is watching a tired team

Fatigue, bad defense, and a stagnant offense add up to losing to DePaul.

Xavier Loses Sixth Straight to DePaul 74-62: Recap

Xavier v. DePaul: Preview, matchups, keys to the game.

Xavier’s last best chance for a win.

Xavier basketball: still pretty good

It's obviously gone pear shaped for this year, but don't let that distract you from the fact that X is actually still just fine.

The Emergence of Paul Scruggs

The star of this Xavier team has turned out to be its sophomore guard.

What should I do now?

Xavier isn’t doing well, what should I do with my February?

Zach Hankins is just the best

He hasn’t gotten much national ink, but the former D2 player of the year has been a bright spot in a dark season.

Conor Grammes: Musketeer on the Rise

Big East Co-Preseason Player of the Year looks forward to 2019 season.

Midweek Conversation is stuck in a rut with Xavier

It’s just tough to be optimistic right now

The worst defense in Xavier history

Xavier’s defense is plumbing depths never before seen in the analytics era.

Xavier Drops Fifth Straight at Creighton, 76-54: Recap

Xavier v. Creighton: preview, matchups, keys to the game

Xavier is still right in the thick of the jockeying for seeding at MSG, and a trip to foggy London Town Omaha may go a long way in deciding their fate.

One step forward, two steps back

There’s no sugar coating it anymore, Xavier is just full-on struggling.

2017 NFL Draft live results

Every pick, every trade updated live. Follow the 2017 NFL Draft with SB Nation.

Xavier Loses on the Road to Georgetown 80-73: Recap

Xavier v. Georgetown: Preview, matchup, keys to the game.

It’s time to play spoiler.

Does Xavier have a point guard problem?

The historical record further confuses an already muddled view of the position this year.

How can you grade coaching?

Xavier’s season has well and truly gone now, but the blame for that doesn’t rest on the head man.

What is happening to Elias Harden?

Xavier’s sophomore guard brings a skillset the team needs, but has spent most of the season out in the cold.

Sunday Conversation hosts a funeral for Xavier’s already bleak at-large hopes.

The only way into the big dance for the Muskies this year seems to be running the table at MSG.

Xavier Comes Close, but Ultimately Falls to Marquette, 87-82: Recap

Xavier v. Marquette: Preview, matchups, keys to the game

Each game still matters in its own right as Xavier makes its way towards the longest month of the year.

Finding ways to lose

Xavier’s struggles this season don’t come down to just one particular ill.

This cannot be who we are

There was plenty to be disappointed about from last night. Some of it was even on the court.

Xavier drops one at home to Providence 64-62: Recap

Is Travis Steele adapting?

Xavier’s young coach was perhaps uneasy at first, but it looks like he’s learning, and fast.

Xavier v. Providence: Preview, matchups, and keys to the game.

With their backs against the wall, Xavier gets a game they have to win.

In praise of Zach Hankins

After a long time off Broadway, Zach Hankins is making the most of his chance.

This week is a huge opportunity for Xavier

The Muskies hit conference play with an uphill battle in front of them. They have a chance to make some serious headway at home this week.


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