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Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Cincinnati

Will this be the year Xavier’s dog gets his due?

Paul Scruggs is tougher than old nails and smoother than a millpond. Somehow he still flies under the national radar.

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Big East Preview: Providence

Is Nate Johnson the key to Xavier’s season?

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Ball State

The sixth of seven games against state schools sees Xavier host the pride of Muncie, Indiana.

Big East Preview: Seton Hall

Xavier in top three at Big East media day

The Musketeers had a good showing at the first Big East event of the year.

Xavier (sort of) in first AP top 25 poll

Receiving votes is a lot like being in the top 25.

Xavier Men's Basketball Recruiting News

Three gold jerseys show why Xavier fans are so optimistic

The award for the best player in practice for each week has gone to a different player every time it has been issued this year.

Xavier lands at 26th in the preseason KenPom rankings

The Muskies are projected to contend at the top of the Big East and have every chance to put together a tournament-worthy resume.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Can Jack Nunge stay healthy?

Jack Nunge is game changer when he is on the court. Unfortunately, he’s struggled to always be there.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Oklahoma State

The Big East-Big 12 Battle has served up a big opportunity for Xavier to add a marquee road win in Stillwater.

What is Adam Kunkel?

Adam Kunkel the shooter never materialized for Xavier, but it’s possible an equally valuable piece did.

Xavier forward Elijah Tucker will redshirt

The roster squeeze has allowed Tucker the time he need to continue to recover from an illness over the summer.

Is Zach Freemantle Xavier’s best player?

Freemantle led Xavier in multiple categories last season, but his game is not without frustrations.

What should we expect from Jerome Hunter?

Jerome Hunter left the Big 10 to come to the Big East, what does he bring with him?

Can Ben Stanley be Xavier’s answer down low?

With Griffin and Carter departing, there will be minutes to be had as a big for Xavier this year, but how many will go to the lovable former Hampton man?

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Central Michigan

Fresh off the back of the Preseason NIT, Xavier will refresh themselves with the least of the directional Michigan schools.

What does Kyky Tandy know that the rest of us don’t?

Xavier’s talented guard returned after two years of limited playing time.

Every Xavier game is on television

Xavier’s schedule is now complete

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Preseason NIT final round

Xavier will play either Memphis or Virginia Tech in their final Preseason NIT game. Either one figures to be a chance at a marquee non-conference win.

Big East Preview: St John’s

St John’s actually has an identity now and it’s really fun when you’re not on the receiving end of it.

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2017 NFL Draft live results

Every pick, every trade updated live. Follow the 2017 NFL Draft with SB Nation.

Xavier’s 2021-22 schedule is (almost) set!

The Big East schedule release today means you can start planning out those late night call offs from work.

Where does Dieonte Miles fit?

Dieonte Miles can play, but can he play for Xavier?

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Iowa State

The first round of the preseason NIT has Xavier taking on a high-major opponent that was good a while back.

Can Dwon Odom be the straw that stirs the drink?

Xavier’s uber-athletic point guard was brilliant at times during a stop-start freshman campaign, but does he hold the key to making a loaded backcourt function?

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Norfolk State

In the middle game of a four-game stretch of games against state schools, Xavier will catch its breath before heading to the preseason NIT.

Where can Colby Jones go from here?

Colby Jones had an amazing freshman year that seems like it could provide the building blocks for greater things.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Ohio State

You know you're a powerful organization when people can make you throw a little fit by not using the definite article.

Is Cesare Edwards Xavier’s next pick and pop four?

Tall, skillful, and a threat from three levels, Cesare Edwards could add a dimension to Xavier’s roster.

Big East Preview: Georgetown

Will Elijah Tucker be able to crack Xavier’s rotation?

Tucker is unquestionably talented, but Xavier is very deep in the frontcourt.


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