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Xavier forward Zach Freemantle suspended indefinitely

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Know Your Non-conference Opportunity: Phil Knight Legacy

Xavier could spend the Thanksgiving weekend gorging themselves on good wins, but first they have to avoid getting seated at the kids’ table. Will I keep straining this metaphor until it breaks? Keep scrolling to find out!

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Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Florida

The last time these two teams played was barely half a year ago, but they’ve both turned over the coaching staffs since then. You know how that shook down for X; here’s how it did for the Gators.

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The Latest

Xavier’s full schedule is out!

All the games are out, and you can see them all.

3-Star big man Kachi Nzeh commits to Xavier

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Fairfield

Ed Cooley cut his teeth as head man of the Stags, but that was a long time ago (in basketball terms). Is Fairfield just a buy game for Xavier, or is there something else here that could trip up the Muskies?

4-Star Dailyn Swain commits to Xavier

The Columbus native joins Trey Green and Reid Ducharme in a heralded 2023 class.

NCAA changes infractions policy, but provides no clarity on Sean Miller

The NCAA has changed their infractions review process, but hasn’t bothered explaining what that means for the people in it

NCAA adopts transfer window for college basketball

Silly season is a part of the sport now, and the powers that be are framing in ways to try to keep it under control

Xavier Men's Basketball Recruiting News

Know Your Non-Conference Opponent: Indiana

Indiana marks a distinct changes in the level of opponent Xavier is playing.

Reid Ducharme is just the start of a big week for Xavier recruiting

The four-star wing committed on Friday as Sean Miller’s second first class at Xavier rockets towards the top 10

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Know Your Non-Conference Opponent: Montana

Like most low-majors, Montana had a serious roster reshuffle in the summer.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Morgan State

Morgan State is an HBCU buy game set to get Xavier on the right track this year.

The Strange Case of Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing just keeps failing and just keeps coming back.

Xavier lands a pure point guard

Trey Green will bring point guard play to a team that currently doesn’t have one, but not until 2023.

The importance of November

The Musketeers can stake themselves to an early tournament spot with a good start

Stories to watch as summer finishes

August, with all its heat and misery, at least heralds the coming of better days.

The Phil Knight bracket is out

Xavier’s first game is the trendsetter in this one.

What to expect from Florida TNT

The guys from Florida are all that stand between Zip Em Up and quarterfinals

Zip Em Up sidelines Cancer, 89-81

Zip Em Up plays the hits again and moves on to the regional final tomorrow night.

I can’t stop smiling

Last night was the most fun Xavier basketball has been in a long time.

Zip Em Up CRUSHES Sweet Home Alabama, 94-61

Xavier fans got to spend a night awash in nostalgia because their team put on a clinic.

The Moment That Made Them: Trevon Bluiett

Sometimes the obviouis answer is obvious for a reason

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2017 NFL Draft live results

Every pick, every trade updated live. Follow the 2017 NFL Draft with SB Nation.

The Moment that Made Them: Semaj Christon

The Moment that Made Them: Mark Lyons

The King of Upstate provided one of the more memorable performances Xavier has seen in a buy game.

Zip Em Up v. Sweet Home Alabama: Game Preview

Team Zip Em Up takes the floor for what is, hopefully, the start of a busy two weeks.

The Moment That Made Them: JP Macura

There is no way to pick one, because JP Macura is a Xavier legend

The Not Xavier Guys

Zip Em Up is a Xavier team, but not everyone played for Xavier

The Moment That Made Them: Dee Davis

The Moment That Made Them: Kaiser Gates

Xavier’s explosive stretch four helped the Xavier Revenge Tour gain steam with a decisive performance against Baylor.

The Moment that Made Them: Kerem Kanter

Against a game ETSU team it was Trevon Bluiett who made the winner, but it was Kerem Kanter who made it possible.

The Moment that Made Them: BJ Raymond

The first in our series focuses on a guy with a set you could bowl with.

Zip Em Up draws Sweet Home Alabama in the TBT

I was trying to work in a "I’m coming home to you" pun here, but it was taking too long, so I just bailed out. If you have a good one, put it in the comments.