Know Your Non-conference Opponent: 2012

Joel's preseason look at the opponents on Xavier's upcoming non-conference slate.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Memphis

One of the harbingers of the approaching NCAA tournament when that time of the year comes is Xavier's final non-conference game of the season, played during Xavier's bye week in A-10 play. This...

Know Your Non-Conference Opponent: Wake Forest


The Skip Prosser Classic is back on after taking a year's hiatus. Thanks to massive turnover at both schools, the teams that face off this season will bear almost no resemblance to the ones that...

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Tennessee

Xavier's foe over the Yuletide season will be the Volunteers of Tennessee. Two years ago, UT was reeling after the dismissal of Bruce Pearl. Their progress since shows that good programs can bounce...

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Wofford

Coming off of the big game against UC, Xavier will have three days to regroup before hosting Wofford. The short turn around may be good or bad for the young Musketeers, but it could certainly come...

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Cincinnati

It's always a figurative and sometimes a literal battle when Xavier and UC face off. Here's how the Bearcats have armed themselves over the summer.

Know Your Non-Conference Opponent: Kent State

It seems like it has been a long time since the Golden Flashes were in the NCAA tournament, but those glory days are actually less than half a decade in the rearview. Working with their third coach...

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Vanderbilt

Vandy's dandy, but X won't rot your teeth. Both teams have lost almost all of their production from last year. Xavier you know about; here's what you need to know to be up to speed on Vanderbilt.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Pacific

Xavier will head to Anaheim to avoid the cold of the Ohio November and play in the Anaheim Classic. Here's what you need to know to get you up to speed on Pacific, the Muskies' first opponent.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Robert Morris

Robert Morris isn't exactly a warm-up opponent for Xavier. If you didn't follow the Colonials over the summer, here's all the information you need to sound like an expert when RMU visits Cintas...

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Butler

In our continuing series to get Xavier fans up to speed on the team's non-conference opponents, we take a look at the Butler squad that X will face on November 13th in Cincinnati.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: FDU

Our yearly look at Xavier's non-conference schedule begins with Fairleigh Dickinson, who will be Xavier's first opponent.

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