What are Your Areas for Improvement? Here's 5...

I'm looking at a team that holds opponents to 60.7 points per game, 51st in the nation. It's also a team that holds opponents to 40.5 shooting percentage, 86th in the nation.

Offensively, they average a 46% shooting percentage, 51st in the nation.

That's all good.

Yet, points, assists and rebounds are all very low. Much of this has to do with pace. At least they shoot really well when they do shoot it.

It's a puzzle trying to unlock more points from this team. What do you think can happen to add 3-4 points per game to this team the rest of the way?

Here are my most likely ideas:

1) More assists from Redford. Brad is yet again a one dimensional player now that teams are face guarding him all game. His confidence with the ball and off the dribble can improve even minimally to provide open looks for teammates.

2) A renewed offensive approach from Dee Davis. As Broering said in his podcast, Davis was a scoring guard in HS. He also looked amazing in the beginning of the year. He has a nice jumper, but he does need the right amount of space for it. I think the staff working with him to find 3 or 4 areas of the floor for him to get the absolute green light on would help this offense open up a ton. He's got great passing skills and instincts, he just needs the game to come to him a little more.

3) Less shots from Amos, unless...he figures out what to do. He gets blocked a lot. Like every time. He's not been prepared to score and it shows. I hate to say it, but a shot from him is like a turnover. He should only shoot when inside 5 feet and after no assists are available.

4) Find out one more time if Philmore has game from 3. It's not gone well at all of course. But I think there is a soft touch there and it's worth one more look. He was scouted to be a decent shooter, and if he regresses back to a 30% shooter out there it could be a boon during the A10 stretch. It would also open the lane for him and he's a decent to the bucket guy. He's a candidate to emerge and this team needs and emergent player.

5) Stick with it Martin. He should be due for a breakout game sometime soon. This sort of volitility can hurt a team in the sense that the guards don't quite know when to trust Martin to capitalize so they tend to go away from him or he tends to lose confidence. At the end of the day, X wants the ball in Semaj's hands, but Martin might want to bark for the ball and show some confidence in his game so others start believing too.

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